It was really important to capture that transition, to show the vulnerability and the imperfection of the transition.” - Solange Knowles, in conversation with Beyonce Knowles for Interview magazine, 2017.

We started this website as a platform to be creative and have something of our own to work on, in our own space.

Every 28-30 years, Saturn, the planet symbolising power and change, returns to the same coordinates of its orbit that it occupied at the time of your birth. Consider it like a cosmic coming-of-age; a time of hard lessons and hard work as you navigate your way towards your goals. If you're not on your best possible life trajectory, you might in for some rough and tumble as the universe helps you get back on track.

When Saturn Returns creatively explores the challenges, achievements and realisations experienced by people during this sometimes uneasy, sometimes devastating, sometimes glorious evolutionary period. We interview our subject – we find out what is important to them and what they need to leave behind. We use the photoshoot as a way to capture people in the moment of doing amazing things. We celebrate the process of transition – growing up and getting things done.

-Simone and Julia x